Coffee Vending Machines That Promise To Add Style & Quality To Any Office

Days at the office can be long and arduous. Why not brighten them up with something to look forward to each day? The majority loves a good quality cup of coffee. And why wouldn’t they? Made right, it tastes delicious, offers a much needed energy boost, and does not cost an arm and a leg.

With four exceptional commercial coffee vending machines on the market from The Vend Shop, you do not want to miss out on adding one of these guys to your office space. We are confident your staff will agree, and you will see office-wide productivity increasing and moods improving in no time.

Magic 1

It is all in the name. Magic 1 promises new design and thought for coffee enjoyment. With an innovative style and edge, carefully crafted and engineered in Italy, you know you are receiving quality coffee as if straight from a barista's hands.

Perfect for smaller office spaces, the Magic 1 can hold 600gs of coffee beans with a water dispenser of 2.5L. Enjoy the coffee break with double dispensing for you and your colleague on various favourites, including espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato. It includes a variable chamber coffee group from 8,5 gs to 15 gs and a 7'' touch screen, perfect for those digital-age fanatics.

Magic 2

Similarly to Magic 1, Magic 2 offers even more coffee for the maximum coffee lovers. Fill this magnificent machine with 1.2 kg of beans for larger spaces, more humans and more cups of coffee! The water container can hold up to 4L, nearly double the Magic 1! Like the Magic 1, it boasts a unified milk, coffee and water dispenser.

Additional accessories for both models include a milk cooler and FR7L-N- Refrigerator. Moreover, payment is easy with MDB protocol compatibility.

Maestro Touch

The Maestro Touch is the ideal addition to any office space with its sleek aesthetic and futuristic finesse. It focuses on cutting-edge performance with an impressive array of functions. Users are free to customise their drinks to their preferences and access valuable nutritional information to select the product best suited to their needs.

The model boasts an attractive full HD touchscreen with a 24'' LCD industrial display with full HD resolution. With all this advanced tech, the machine is exceptionally user-friendly. Virtually anyone can manage and program it if needed, as the interface offers an intuitive browser-like, drag-and-drop experience. The data entry is simple, and the model allows users to save settings on a laptop and then upload the exact set-up using a USB.

A flexible and dynamic GUI allows easy navigation through product categories and includes an advanced search feature helping users find specifics far more efficiently.


If you’re looking for an impressive variety of beverages, look no further than the Opera. Thanks to its numerous modular product canisters, the options are endless! The sleek and sophisticated design with elegant black and silver aesthetics is ideal for any office or professional setting.

Visual feedback appears on a selection panel, lit with 20 LED lights and buttons and surrounded by a chromium-plated frame, after drink selection and once the preparation is complete. LED lights on the machine’s front door give it an air of modern finesse that boasts true beauty and the power of this design.

A core feature of this high-end model is that it is equipped with a sturdy stainless steel boiler with a 500cc capacity.


Sturdy Italian craftsmanship has never looked as good as it does with the Concerto. Although slightly smaller, the elegant model still delivers a fine array of barista-quality hot and cold beverages for any taste preference.

The sleek design, adorned with elegant black and silver details and complemented with two LED panels, is equipped with Z4000 espresso and double espresso technology. This product assures to set the tone as the benchmark within the vending machine industry with easy management set-up of the menu through GIGA.

Promising a quick and easy cleaning experience of the delivery area grid and the freedom to install up to three payment systems in the payment area, attaining quality coffee has never been easier! Finally, a 13.3” full HD screen features a vaster drinks menu than any traditional model.

Upgrade your office coffee experience with these innovative vending machines for sale at The Vend Shop. Your staff and customers will be forever thankful for the stylish upgrade to the space. Discover more about how we can assist by giving us a call at 1800 001 211.