The Vend Shop Presents: The Tango R290 - A Symphony of Versatility

From offices to educational institutions,and transit stations to healthcare facilities, vending machines have become astaple in our day-to-day lives. They offer convenience, quick refreshments, andeven sustenance on the go. Enter the Tango R290, the 2022 model that is set torevolutionise the vending machine industry. Here, we dive deep into the varioususes and outstanding features of the Tango R290.


1.The Combo Powerhouse


For locations that demand variety, thecombo configuration of the Tango R290 stands out. It’s not just a vendingmachine; it's a combination miracle. From thirst-quenching drinks to satisfyingsnacks, and even fresh food, the combo layout provides an all-in-one solutionfor diverse needs. With up to 48 selections, whether you're hankering for asoda, a chocolate bar, or a healthy sandwich, this machine has got you covered.


2.Drinks Only? No Problem!


There are spots where a cold drink is theonly requirement, perhaps near gyms, parks, or in hot, bustling areas. TheTango R290 can seamlessly transform into a drinks-only vending machine. Givenits high energy-efficient cooling unit, rest assured your beverages will beserved chilled to perfection, every time.


3.Fresh is Best: The Fresh Food Option


In our fast-paced world, the need forfresh, on-the-go food options has never been greater. Recognising this, theTango R290 comes equipped with a fresh food vending option. Perfect forhospitals, offices, and schools, this setup ensures that users have access tofresh, wholesome meals on the go. The excellent insulation ensures that thefood retains its freshness and taste, making it a dependable choice forhealthier alternatives.


Designand More


Aesthetically, the Tango R290 is a blend ofsimplicity and elegance. With a large LED illuminated window, the machineoffers optimal visibility of products, ensuring that users can easily spottheir desired items. Moreover, the optional ETL system (Electronic Tray Labels)takes the user experience to a whole new level. With its enhanced functionalityand communication, both customers and operators can interact with the machinewith unprecedented speed and clarity.




The Tango R290, presented by The Vend Shop,isn't just a vending machine; it's a promise of quality, variety, andreliability. Whether you want a mix of options with the combo layout, adrinks-only machine, or a fresh-food haven, the Tango R290 is flexible enoughto cater to all needs, all while being incredibly energy efficient. Enhanceyour space and offer unparalleled convenience with the Tango R290 – a name thatechoes versatility and top-notch performance.