Conveniently located in Silverwater NSW and Ormeau Qld

Conveniently located in Silverwater NSW and Ormeau Qld

Conveniently located in Silverwater NSW and Ormeau Qld

 Vending machines are a good business if you want passive income. Once a system is installed and set up, you can leave it there and make money while you are away. Maintenance is minimal and support is available in case you need it. If you are eyeing this as a possible new income source, then learn as much as you can. There are many types of machines out there so find the one that fits your requirements. Below are some of the considerations for drinks vending machine hire:

Drink Selection

Think about what kind of drinks you want to serve. This will be influenced by the current market trends, the intended location of the machine, and your own personal knowledge of the options. For example, coffee and tea are extremely popular right now. They come in various flavours with each having their own following. They can even be made hot or cold — have one or both depending on your preference. Some use instant ingredients while others are made from scratch using coffee beans or tea leaves. The former can be sold cheaper while the latter is for luxury clients.

Machine Quality

The quality of the machine should be considered as well. After all, you are investing in this to create passive income. You don’t want to encounter multiple breakdowns as these will result in lost opportunities to serve customers, as well as reduced profits. If this keeps happening, then people will soon move away and find others. Investigate the reliability of these machines, particularly with the brands that you are eyeing. It might be worth investing in a more expensive brand if it can bring you stress-free ownership given the longevity and reliablity of a quality machine manufacturer.

As an official distributor of world class vending machine- NECTA, The Vend Shop provides you with the best choices in the market. NECTA consults with us directly to address Australian specific requirements and customisation needs. Moreover, we work closely with NECTA to get a quick and direct read of the market and import machines tailored to our market.  The constant and direct feedback from clients also represents an invaluable driver that we provide back to the NECTA R&D team in Milan, Italy.

Besides, NECTA’s continuous innovations and new technologies consistently set new benchmarks in the industry. It is seen by its competitors to provide great value with built to last machine longevity.

Payment System

Since this will be a business, you need to get paid for every drink you sell. Everything is automated so no one has to stand there to collect money from buyers. Check out the different payment systems available. Some machines have fixed options while others can be equipped with multiple options for the convenience of the customers. For example, most machines will probably accept coins and paper money. Newer ones can be equipped with units that can read credit cards, EMV chips, QR codes, NFC-enabled phones, mobile payment applications, and many more.

In the Vend Shop, we supply and install NAYAX Credit Card and mobile phone payment units and have a wealth of knowledge and experience with NAYAX cashless technology to help you get started.

Remote Monitoring

There are even machines that feature remote monitoring of inventory software so you won’t have to keep going to the machine to check its status. You will be able to see the sales rise, observe the inventory, and track other statistics.  

So, if you are considering to get one, do not hesitate to contact us!