Conveniently located in Silverwater NSW and Ormeau Qld

Conveniently located in Silverwater NSW and Ormeau Qld

Conveniently located in Silverwater NSW and Ormeau Qld

Coffee Machines

We provide the latest innovative stand alone and bench top coffee machines across Australia, at an affordable price-point.

Combination Snack Machines

The Vend Shop is your trusted vending machine supplier who is committed to providing sustainable and energy efficient vending machines across Australia.

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Coffee Machines

The Vend Shop provides Stand alone and bench top coffee machines for the corporate, healthcare, education and warehousing sectors.

All our machines come with the latest technologies and have been designed to deliver premium quality coffee for customers. In order to constantly deliver quality coffee our machines are fitted with automatic flow control and come with with either single or double water inlets. They are also fitted with technologies to prevent clogging regardless of the indoor temperature.

If you are looking for machines that can offer all of your favourite coffee beverages, then look no further than The Vend Shop’s coffee machines which all offer advanced dispensing solutions and come with our expert customer service and support.

Combination and Snack Machines

Our combo and snack machines come in a modern slick design and utilise R290 Gas energy efficiency. They are fitted with the latest smart technology, and provide optimal capacity with a flexible layout to suit any office, healthcare centre, hospital, educational facility or warehouse need.

Your combo machines allows selections varying from drinks, snacks, fresh foods, travel essentials or electronic goods.

Each vending machines for sale is fitted with a dynamic user interface, utilising a fancy touch screen making it easier for users to browse products and select their items. The technology will also provide details about product categories and nutritional facts.

If you are looking to buy vending machine, reach out to our customer support team who can walk you through your purchase vending machine.

Our Vending Machines Sydney Location

Are you looking for vending machines for sale Sydney? Our office is conveniently located in Sydney, and can deliver to your location in a timely manner. As a proudly Australian company, we guarantee to support all our customers with ongoing maintenance and servicing.

Why The Vend Shop?


Machine Delivery

Do you require parts for your machines? Our team is available to deliver from the CBD your city address, or to remote locations.


Machine Trade-in

If you are looking to upgrade your fleet of existing machines, our team is available to talk you through a tailored trade-in offer.


Machine Manuals

Vending Machine Manuals aren’t always easy to get your hands one. Reach out to us if you require a manual for an old machine.


Servicing, Warranty & Repairs

We know when you purchase vending machines, often service can be forgotten. The Vend Shop is committed to providing the best vending machine support across Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What vending machine do you sell?
We sell everything from drink only, snack only, combination (drink and snack), fresh food machines, coffee/hot drink machines. We can also fully customise our machines to vend most products from gym products to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Please contact us for pricing!

2. Can I put my branding on the vending machine?
Yes! We can fully customise the vending machine to have your company or product branding. We have a design and print team that can assist with your logos and branding

3. Do you sell spare parts?
Yes! We have an extensive range of spare parts for many make and model of vending machines. We also have a broad supply network and can usually source most spare parts.

4. Do you offer finances?
Yes! We have helped our customers to gain finance for new vending machines. Please contact us for more information.

5. Do you sell payment systems?
Yes! We have an array of both second hand and new payment systems ranging from change giving coin mechanisms, note readers and credit card readers offering cashless options for smart phone payments and most digital wallets.