Conveniently located in Silverwater NSW and Ormeau Qld

Conveniently located in Silverwater NSW and Ormeau Qld

Conveniently located in Silverwater NSW and Ormeau Qld

Krea Prime

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KREA PRIME, an elegant model which enriches the Necta Ho.Re.Ca. family. Appealing design, custom lighting, chrome frames, shiny black surfaces and unrivalled performance make this fully automatic machine the ideal solution for your coffee break. Its backlit capacitive keypad and elegant display make the drink selection process easy and intuitive; while new, state-of-the-art electronics allow operators to customise recipes quickly and to easily program the machine.


  • Available in both ES and full-IN versions.
  • Backlit capacitive keypad and 4.3’’ 480×272 display.
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel delivery area.
  • Cup area capable to host 12 Oz cups.
  • Tiltable metal cup support for espresso ceramic cups.
  • Self-adjusting grinders as an option.
  • USB port to upgrade the software, as well as to upload recipes and images.


    • Liquid waste outlet kit.
    • Side payment change-giver module.
    • Side payment coin validator module.
    • Equipped base cabinet.
    • Equipped base cabinet with change-giver prearrangement.
    • Equipped base cabinet with coin validator prearrangement.
    • Cup warmer with 3 shelves (H 646 x L 189 x P 400 mm).
    • Water self-feeding kit (20 Lt. tank).


  • Height: 750 mm
  • Width: 410 mm
  • Depth: 574 mm
  • Depth with door open: 855 mm
  • Weight: 41 kg
  • Voltage: 230-240 v
  • Power supply frequency: 50-60 hz
  • Installed power: 1950 w


  • Number of canisters: 4(ES) 5(IN)
  • Coffee Beans: 1.2 Kg(ES)
  • Instant coffee: 0.8 Kg(IN)
  • Milk: 0.7 Kg(ES) 0.7 Kg(IN)
  • Chocolate: 1.5(ES) Kg 1.5 Kg(IN)