Festival R290

The Vend Shop R290 Festival is all about making snack time fun. This state-of-the art machine, has an LED-lit front panel, so you have greater visibility of all the enticing snacks.

The Festival R290 is as user-friendly as you can get with clear pricing screens and backlit shopper buttons.

What’s best, the flexible compartments which hold sandwiches, small snacks, round dishes, meals, wraps and cans means your customers can enjoy a signifiant variety of offerings.

Enjoy high-speed functionality with the Festival R290. And when you buy this vending machine, you are investing in a premium design with robust aluminium and diamond cut that stands handsomely in all surroundings.


• Cooler unit with R290 technology with extraction slides for easy accessand maintenance

• 8 or 10 drums with up to 36 compartments per drum (280 mm depth).

• Up to 40 different prices throughout the machine.

• Flexible snack offering - small snacks, cans and up to a 230 mm plated meal.

• Save time on site - no tools required to adjust compartment sizes.

• 1830mm tall and 850mm wide

• Weight is 320kg ca.


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