Maestro Touch

Maestro Touch focuses on cutting-edge performances and on the ability for consumers to customise their drinks and consult nutritional information to identify the most suitable product for their needs.

Key Features

  • The electronics have been completely renewed, with the latest generation microprocessor and advanced software
  • An attractive full HD touchscreen
  • 24” LCD industrial display with full HD resolution (1920x1080pxl)

Design and User Interface

  • Easier machine management and programming
  • High level of personalisation of the graphic interface
  • Flexible and dynamic GUI that allows navigation through product categories
  • A high degree of drink customisation
  • The possibility to consult nutritional information
  • A filter function for advanced search (gluten-free, caffeine-free, bio) and a quick selection for “my favourite” drink is available
  • The machine programming is easy and flexible due to a new innovative“browser-like” interface. The data entry is simple, thanks to a graphic interface with the Drag&Drop function. The possibility is to program the machine on the laptop and then upload the setup via USB


  • Maestro Touch is fitted with the latest generation CPU with a multimedia accelerator, and it has a unique board for both machine and touchscreen. The technical features are; 32GB memory + 4GB RAM, 2 Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connections and 3G/4G optional module, 4 USB ports (2 USB 3.0) and, serial RS232 for EVA-DTS data transmission


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