Necta Sinfonia - Refurbished

Sinfonia is a glass-fronted vending machine for can and bottle products.

Key Features

  • Has a wide glass window to enhance the impulse to buy
  • Low energy consumption
  • Can resist mild vandalism
  • Innovative delivery system

Design and User Interface

  • Shares the same aesthetic design as the Samba, Canto, and Festival
  • Available in 2 versions: Sinfonia 6 and Sinfonia 9

Product Range

  • The Sinfonia 6 has 36 individual selections
  • The Sinfonia 9 has 54 selections  
  • Both versions boast a six-shelf standard layout for cans, bottles, and even tetra-packs
  • Necta Sinfonia is a wide glass window, eye-catching LED drink illumination, and a capacity for up to 63 selections


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