Stylish and contemporary, Samba, with its neat and understated aesthetics, looks good in any environment.

The patented Softvend dispensing system grants a secure delivery of even the most fragile items.

Key Features

  • Samba ideally addresses a wide variety of vending requirements
  • Patented technologies for enhanced performances,Samba range has a flexible layout that can offer both snacks, fresh food, and cans and bottles
  • The ETL system (Electronic Tray Labels) offers additional benefits in functionality, communication, ease, and speed with which customers – and operators – can interact with the machine.

Design and User Interface

  • Elegant aluminium door with bright polycarbonate inserts.
  • A patented directional LED lighting guides the user through the selection, payment, and delivery processes.
  • The user interface can host up to three payment systems.

Product Range

  • Available in two versions (Classic and Top)

Temperature Management

Samba can electronically manage up to three temperatures inside the cell, granting the best freshness of the dispensed products.  Uniform: Snack 8° – 12° C / Stratified: Snack 8° – 14° C, Can& Bottle 5° – 8° C.


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