Conveniently located in Silverwater NSW and Ormeau Qld

Conveniently located in Silverwater NSW and Ormeau Qld

Conveniently located in Silverwater NSW and Ormeau Qld

Implementing a vending machine in your commercial establishment can work wonders at keeping staff and customers happy and satisfied. Vending machines are easy to use and stock all the best and tastiest treats, suited to any preference. Their customisable features mean you can tailor your vending machine to suit your business and target audience – for example, a vending machine for a gym can stock different products than one found in a hospital or hotel.

This blog highlights the compelling qualities of a new and improved range and why your business will benefit from this investment.

Introducing The Orchestra Range

If you are looking for an innovative and refined design, we have the ideal solution for your needs – The Orchestra Range! This dynamic range features panoramic drawers for perfect vision and a black aluminium cabinet with a framed user face. The power is truly in your hands with the choice between a numeric capacitive keypad or interactive and intuitive 7” touch screen on selected areas – whichever compliments your needs best!

Moreover, these babies feature a wide graphic display with 16 million colours that provides a complete overview of critical nutritional information.

Highly Flexible

The Orchestra range features a maximum of 7 drawers that anyone can easily position inside the cell, thanks to Vertical flex. These draws are highly optimised to accommodate different package sizes. The transparent drawer Visioshop is incredibly sturdy and able to house heavy loads – up to 53 kg! Moreover, the Visioshop offers the possibility to go from 8 – 1 selection per tray, including 38 snack products.

Energy Efficient

Nowadays, energy efficiency is crucial to the backbone of all our vending machine products. And the Orchestra range is no different. The range includes new R290 cooling technology, a foamed cabinet and highly efficient green components. These combined features result in a significant reduction in energy consumption, especially in comparison to S&F models.

Other Compelling Features

This advanced range of vending machines comes complete with a shopping basket mode, which allows users to purchase multiple products in one transaction. The Softvend feature is equipped with an elevator to dispense heavy or fragile products. The trays feature electronic labels, which allow for remote management of price changes and promotions.

Finally, the payment systems are configured to comply with all popular payment and telemetry systems, giving no hassle to purchasing a range of your favourite snacks and drinks.

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