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The Vend Shop is the Australian distributor of world class European vending and coffee machines.

You can't beat our quality, competitive pricing or our customer service! Our technical our on call all day. With our trade-in offers and finance available making us your best choice in vending and coffee machines.


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Supplying innovative machines to cover all market needs in the Automatic, Impulse and Semi-Automatic sectors.

Latest Smart Technologies

Slick Design with Best Capacity

NECTA vending machine is equipped with flexible layout that can offer up to 56 single selections of snack, fresh food and cans and bottles. The glass door provides optimal visibility of the offered items. Moreover, high efficiency of cooling unit allows low energy consumption.

Electronic and Maintenance

NECTA provides users with best service through its advanced implementation of MDB protocolautomatic setup and statistics retrieval with Giga software, and blue alphanumeric display that accommodate 20 characters on 4 lines.

Dynamic User Interface

NECTA aims to enhance user experience by providing innovative and dynamic user interfaces. The touch screen user interface makes it possible for user to browse through product categories, combined menus, promotions, get nutritional facts and tips about the selected product.


Necta machines feature patented dispensing technologies, such as Softvend elevator, to allow a smooth delivery of fragile packages (food products or glass bottles) even from the top shelves of glass front machines.

Snack and Drink Vending Machines


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Product Details


Product Details

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Conveniently located in Silverwater NSW, Australia. We are a proudly Australian owned Company that aims to support our customers in delivering world-class vending machines and technology at an affordable price point. We are the experts in vending and vending technologies.

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We can deliver parts, and machines to you from CBD to remote locations.

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